Solar Pool Heating Systems

Swimming Pool Solar Heating & Panel Systems

A warm swimming pool brings back all the fun memories of summertime. Imagine swimming all day long on a warm day or going for a quick dip at night. But when it starts to cool down, we say goodbye to these perks and pleasures…unless you have a pool heating system.

Like any other investment, wouldn´t it be great to maximize the benefit and get full enjoyment of having a swim even in the cooler months? With Newcastle Solar Pool Heating, it is possible to extend your swim season and even have it at the best and most efficient way.

We offer tailor made solar pool heating systems designed specifically to withstand the harsh environments using top quality materials and backed by over 25 years of industry experience. What’s more, we offer the traditional matting system (strip collector), open panels and enclosed panel systems, gas heaters that provide faster heating capabilities or heat pumps for those who want alternative heating systems.

Why must you say goodbye to your swimming pool when the weather gets colder? By choosing Newcastle Solar Pool Heating, John can extend your swimming season up to 9-10 months. This allows you to enjoy barbecues with friends, late night dips and kid’s birthday pool parties when it gets cooler.

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