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Solartherm Slimline Aluminum Panel System

Extend your swim season with this innovative Australian solar pool heating system. The solar collectors are enclosed in a compact panel which protects them from heat loss from wind and makes them highly energy efficient.

The Enclosed Panel Concept

The enclosed panel concept has the black HDPE heat absorbers enclosed in their own atmosphere. This protects them from heat loss from the wind, and on the roof only takes up a small amount of roof space. The problem with traditional strip matting solar pool heating is that it is exposed to the wind and it takes up a lot of roof space.

Less Heat Loss from Wind

This fairly simple idea has made a big difference to pool heating. Removing the wind chill effect is very significant to heat retention. It has made it possible to extend the swim season. An added bonus is they are cockatoo proof too!!

Joints & Leaks

Traditional strip matting solar pool heating systems have around 100 joints which can make them prone to leaks resulting in damage to roofs and gutters. Solartherm has only two joints per panel and the product is backed with a ten year full replacement warranty if the panel leaks at all.

Pipe Integrity

Newcastle Solar Pool Heating Systems uses high density polyethylene HDPE or the commonly used black UPVC pressure pipes to connect the Solartherm panel system. The HDPE at extra costing is a more robust solution that will outlast any UPVC pipe and will take more knocks and bumps.

The Solartherm Controller

The controller can be wired in or wireless depending on the application. The wireless version uses its own solar panel to send the signal from the roof. Once there is enough radiant heat from the sun the controller will activate the pump. This ensures there is no wasted electricity and it runs as efficiently as possible. In addition, the solar controller ensures the Solartherm panels are protected all year round. It’s a set and forget system which makes it very user friendly.

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