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Heat Pumps & Gas Units


Gas Units: Rheem Raypak, Astral Pools, Pentair

Gas heaters are used in pools and spas and give great flexibility to the pool owner because of their rapid heating ability and robustness. Gas heaters can easily achieve and maintain a 14 degree rise in water temperature in 24 hours. This allows a cold pool to be heated to 28 – 30 degrees in around one day – even in winter! Ideal for entertaining, or kids birthday parties. A gas heater is also ideally suited to be added to a solar system, as it can offset the solars ability to heat during the day. Great for the evening BBQ’s and entertaining in the cooler months.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump units: Rheem Accent Air, Astral Pools, Oasis

A most modern development in pool and spa heating is the electric heat pump. These units are for those pool owners who want to swim most, if not all year round. Oasis heat Pumps are super-efficient way to heat your pool or spa. They work like a reversed air conditioner absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it to your pool. For more information regarding your specific requirements feel free to give us a call.

Electric Heat Pumps

Obviously, the most cost-effective way to heat your pool is using solar. Now that compact, wind-resistant solar pool heating is available you are able to use free energy to heat your pool for a much longer swim season than in the past. With a pool heating blanket it’s now possible to swim with solar pool heating for about as long as you would with electric and gas pool heating.

For customers who want to use the pool or spa all year. As with all the products we provide we have extensively researched the market and are confident in the reliability and value for money of this product.

How They Work

Heat pumps operate on a similar principal to a refrigerator or air conditioner. Refrigerant gas extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water.

The power used by the heat pump does not create any heat. It is used to compress and move the refrigerant gas through a coil that has air forced through it and collects heat from the surrounding atmosphere. It then passes through a titanium heat exchanger which transfers the heat into the pool water and the cycle starts again.

How Much Heat

For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, the heat pump will collect up to 6 kW of heat from the atmosphere. Sunshine is not necessary and the heat pump will continue to heat the pool in air temperatures as low as 7 degrees. So even if the nights are cold, or the days leading up to the weekend are cool, the heat pump can heat and maintain the pool water at a comfortable swimming temperature.

Choosing the Right Pump

Wide selections of heat pumps are available to suit virtually any size swimming pool, from small residential pools to large public pools. When choosing the heat pump it’s important to determine when you want to use your pool. If you wish to swim during the summer and shoulder season only, a small heat pump can be installed, saving on up-front costs and ongoing operating costs. However, for all year round swimming a larger pump will be required.

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